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Rose Symbolism and Meaning Guide

February Is The Month Of Rose And Love

25 January 2021

Rose Symbolism and Colors

A rose’s symbolism varies by the color of the rose and how many roses are given.

Red roses symbolise love and romance and are the perfect Valentine’s Day rose.

Pink roses symbolise gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy.

Orange roses symbolise enthusiasm and passion.

Yellow roses symbolise friendship.

White roses symbolise innocence and purity.

Though in most cases, roses are tied to love, you can send a specific romantic message by the number of roses you send.

One rose symbolizes love at first sight.

Two roses symbolize shared and deep love.

Three roses say “I love you”.

Six roses say “I want to be yours”.

Seven roses say “I’m infatuated with you”.

Nine roses symbolize eternal love.

Ten roses say “You’re perfect”.

Rose Cultural Significance

Roses are England’s national flower. In the fifteenth century, they represented two important families the Lancasters and the Yorks. The War of the Roses occurred in England between 1455 and 1487 when the house of Lancaster, represented by a red rose, and the house of York, represented by a white rose, competed with each other to rule England.

The rose also inspired one of England’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare. His play, Romeo and Juliet, contains one of the most popular quotes on roses. In the play, Juliet says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” She’s reminding Romeo that even though they come from rival houses, it shouldn’t matter because their love is real.

Rose Facts

There are many types of roses  150 species and thousands of hybrids can be found in a variety of shapes and colors.

All roses are considered shrubs. There are three groups of roses: old roses, modern roses, and species roses. Rose petals can be eaten and can be used in salads or desserts.

Rose Uses

Because of their sweet fragrance, roses are commonly used in perfume and beauty products. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritation. It also includes antioxidants and can hydrate your skin. Rosehips, the fruit of roses, are also beneficial for you. They can be eaten and contain high amounts of Vitamin C.

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Gerbera Max Bloom

A Rainbow Colourful Bouquet

Oriental Lillies

Gorgeous Lillie floral arrangement

Native Wildflowers

Stunning Wildflower Arrangement a statement for any centrepiece placement

Lillies, Roses and Carnations

A Beautiful Arrangement Ideal For That One Christmas Table or Hallway Table

Christmas Flowers Done Different

November 21, 2020

Christmas Flower Gift Guide

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year again. Santa’s sleigh has been spotted over Australia and that means it’s time for you to get your gifts in order, and that includes your Christmas flowers and plants.

Whether you’re looking for a bouquet to present to someone special, a floral arrangement to decorate your table, or a posy of red flowers for the host of Christmas lunch, we’d like to make your Christmas shopping a simple affair.

Peruse our Christmas flowers gift guide below to see seven, beautiful, bud-filled arrangements and bouquets that sure brighten up your Christmas.

1. Oriental Lilies 

Oriental lilies brilliance

The taste of Christmas is different in every family and culture, but a love of flowers transcends ethnicity and tradition. This stunning variety of colours include yellow, white, pink and orange to name a few.  Oriental Lilies arrangement will sit pretty as a Christmas flower centrepiece that will dial up the festive cheer. It’s the perfect floral ornament for any Christmas table setting. Imagine enjoying roast turkey, pavlova and other delights around this beauty in a white ceramic pot.

2. Native Flowers for an Aussie Christmas Wish

Native Flowers

Is this the first Christmas you’re spending with your spouse, partner or the yearly gathering of family and friends? It’s worth ushering Christmas in early with a breathtaking bouquet of native Australian flowers. This rustic yet beautiful mix of the season’s freshest flowers will surely enchant their senses. They won’t be able to get enough!

Place it under the Christmas tree or as a centrepiece ahead of Christmas Eve and watch their face light up when they catch a glimpse of these captivating flowers.

3. A White Christmas with an Understated Floral Arrangement

White lilies,  Roses and Carnations

Christmas is a time of reflection, thankfulness, serenity and peace - emotions best reflected by the colour white. Send all of these emotions and more with a delicate arrangement of elegant white Oriental lilies, lisianthus, Singapore orchids and premium white Christmas roses.

This arrangement is the perfect flower gift for friends, the in-laws, or even grandma. Bring this Christmas bouquet to lunch for your chosen relative or have it delivered to a friend.

4. Colourful Christmas Gerbera Bouquet

Gerberas 20 stems

When you want to express your love and appreciation, or just want to send your Christmas flowers with a little more bud for your buck, you’re in need of a vibrant, beaming bouquet of gerberas. The best thing about gerberas as a floral gift is anyone from siblings to relatives to colleagues will appreciate the thought that comes with these flowers.

If you’re a manager wishing to reward a hard-working colleague this Christmas, then you may wish to employ this bundle of blooms to that very task.

5. Send a Sweet Wish with a Pastel Arrangement

Eye Candy That Blooms

When your table needs that touch of flamboyance to create a Christmas setting that’ll stun everyone with its beauty. This blossoming arrangement of charming lilies, orchids, roses and carnations will do just that! It’s presented in a classy box for your ease and convenience. It’s a centrepiece that’ll wow everyone and brighten the room for your Christmas celebration.

Give a Joyous Gift This Christmas

It doesn’t matter which flowers you choose for Christmas, only that you use the emotions that flowers can evoke to spread the festive cheer. Watch the smiles on the faces of those who are near, and bring those that are further away much closer through a bouquet or arrangement, with an accompanying card.

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